Gone Fishin Aiguillon Lot et Garonne Aquitaine

Cottage (gite) holiday accommodation exclusive for 2 SW France
Welcome to Gone Fishin
Here in the Sunny Lot et Garonne.
This is not a Fishing Holiday just a bonus 
or simply enjoy the ambiance of your own private lake

 Airports - Bergerac, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Pau and more - destination "Gone Fishin" in the sunny Lot et Garonne.

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Our guests have used the following airports comfortably and all have car hire facilities:
  • The nearest airport is Bergerac just 1hr 10 mins away. 
  • Bordeaux just less than 1hr 20 mins away from your door.
  • Toulouse a good 1hr 45 mins. 
  • Pau approx 2hrs


Please, explore all the links in blue to find the best deal just click an airport.
Ryanair has regular flights to Bergerac from Stansted, flight time one hour and forty minutes.
British Airways travel to Bordeaux from several airports.
From Bergerac you can take the N21 south towards Villeneuve, then after Cancon turn right on to the D133 and head across some beautiful country, eventually turning right on to the D911 or D666 towards Aiguillon.
Alternatively, you can take the D933 south from Bergerac, turn left on to the N113 at Marmande and continue to Aiguillon
From Bordeaux take the A62 motorway to Aiguillon.
  If by now you are in need of a cup of tea and like some strong humour then sit back and enjoy this video sitting on our blog link here what's on at Gone Fishin, once in the blog just click January 30th 2011 "Fascinating Aida the famous Irish group singing about cheap flights and what to expect...priceless!!                                                   
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