Gone Fishin Aiguillon Lot et Garonne Aquitaine

Cottage (gite) holiday accommodation exclusive for 2 SW France
Welcome to Gone Fishin
Here in the Sunny Lot et Garonne.
This is not a Fishing Holiday just a bonus 
or simply enjoy the ambiance of your own private lake

Wildlife to see at Gone Fishin'.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia. Some pictures courtesy of guest's. Thank you.                                 
Woodpechers at Gone Fishin self catering holiday exclusively for couples


Kingfishers are often seen fishing and hovering over our lake at Gone Fishin'.
An excellent source of information of wild birds great site http://www.the-birds.net/ in France also with English , Latin and French names and links another fantastic source of information for birdwatchers. 
Hares at Gone Fishin self catering for two Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

The hare

We are very fortunate that the area around "Gone Fishin" is a reserve for this wonderful creature.
Bats Gone Fishin self catering holiday for 2 two Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

Fruit bat/Flying Fox

Often to be found hanging behind the open shutters sheltering from the heat and light of the day.
Wild Boar Gone Fishin self catering holiday exclusively for couples Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

Wild Boar

Pleased to say a rare visitor, usually extremely shy.
Hoopoe Gone Fishin self catering holiday for 2 two Aiguillon Lot et Garonne
Quite common in this area, his name describes his song, quite simply it sounds like someone shouting "hoop, hoop".
Badgers at Gone Fishin self catering holiday exclusively for couples Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

 European Badger

Rarely seen but his foot prints are visible around the lake.


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Can be heard at some distance knocking on the bark!
Green Woodpecker Gone Fishin holiday exclusively for 2 two Aiguillon Lot et Garonne
Green Woodpecker
Again this chap is heard knocking on the bark looking for grubs.

Green Tree Frog

A comical little chap in abundance around Gone Fishin' he/she is called a Reinette and is a protected species.

Red Squirrel (not a grey one in sight!)

They are often seen scampering up the trees.This little chap is a regular visitor early in a morning!
Swans at Gone Fishin exclusive self catering holiday for two 2 Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

Swans fly onto the lake in the summer months but never seem settle for more than two days at a time.
Terrapin no longer at Gone Fishin self catering holiday exclusive for 2 two Aiguillon Lot et Garonne
 Red Necked Turtle resident at Gone Fishin

When we first noticed this chap 3 years ago we both thought we were hallucinating! Often these red-necked turtles are released when as pets they become just too big. See our blog..Terry the Terrible Terrapin August 2010 His bags have been packed!
Roe Deer at Gone Fishin self catering holiday exclusive for couples Aiguillon Lot et Garonne

Roe Deer

So shy, but they do visit the lake for a drink.
We are fortunate to be in an area where permission must be gained from the landowner to hunt deer. We do not grant permission over our 22 acres of land which is well respected.

In profusion around "Gone Fishin". Every year we sow "wild flowers" which we hope encourages even more butterflies.
A self catering holiday just for two enjoy watching the herons

Grey Heron
A very graceful bird. A day never goes by without a heron standing transfixed by the lake. For us he is a pest! eating the frogs, ducklings and small fish.
Buzzards at Gone Fishin a holiday exclusive for couples
In abundance awaiting anything that moves for a quick snack.

 Mallard Ducks 
We are fortunate to have a number of Mallard ducks that have made our 2 acre lake their home.
Perhaps encouraged by us as we do feed them twice a day! 
In the summer months the drakes escorts their wives over to our garden where they will make nests in the flower beds often hatching about ten ducklings out of about fourteen eggs. When hatched the drake comes back to the garden and takes his wife and children back to the lake!
If you love watching wild life you will not be dissapointed on holiday here at Gone Fishin' france4two.eu Do take a look at this informative site on all wildlife
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